Wandering Gliders – Travel inspired by Nature

Wandering Gliders – Travel inspired by Nature

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Circonnact is developing solutions to empower people, companies and destinations in the transition to a more regenerative way of traveling.

How can we travel in a regenerative and circular way that is low-carbon? At the beginning of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, Cironnact decided to look into nature to explore this topic further and develop solutions. In the context of the European Biomimicry Design Challenge organized by COBIOM and the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge by the Biomimicry Institute, a team of biomimicry, business, research, communication and graphic design specialists went through a nature-inspired innovation process and developed the concept of a regenerative and nature-inspired travel hub called Wandering Gliders.

Wandering Gliders addresses the problem of excessive traveling that is harming the environment, communities and health of people. It is in our nature to move and travel, but people lack awareness as well as access to appealing and sustainable travel. Travel is amongst the largest industries in the world and can be a key driver to activate people, business and governments to restore the ecosystems if it is done in a regenerative way.

The regenerative and nature-inspired travel project Wandering Gliders aims to empower people and companies on the way to regenerative traveling. Wandering Gliders co-creates exciting and meaningful travel experiences to reconnect with nature, people and oneself and by that contribute positively to a flourishing environment and communities. It raises awareness, provides tools for impactful travel experiences and supports travel business to rebuild in a regenerative way with training, co-creating solutions and consulting. The project is developing two pilots with partners The Lionheart Experience in South Africa and the Green Festival organized by Biomimicry Granada, Esada, Utrecht University and Cobiom. Furthermore, Wandering Gliders is collaborating with KPRN, Sustain & Sustain Safaris in South Africa, Sustainability and Resilience Institute New Zealand and Whale Watch Tenerife.

How to travel regeneratively? Check out the Regenerative Travel Principles and Regenerative Travel Guide by Wandering Gliders.

Join us and be part of the transformation of the travel industry towards regenerative travel!

For more information contact Vanessa Wabitsch via email vanessa (at) circonnact.world .

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