Training Business Centers to consult on Circular Economy

Training Business Centers to consult on Circular Economy

Training Business Centers to consult on Circular Economy 1200 956 Circonnact

Micro and small companies represent the majority of businesses in most of the countries, and drivers of innovation and development of the economy. So it is important for them to understand and integrate circular economy solutions into their business. But how to address this in the best way, given that they often lack time to look in depth into the opportunities? If employees in the Business Centers and Agencies supporting these small companies understand what Circular Economy means, that would ensure that they integrate this thinking into their approach when consulting the small enterprises.

This is a project which Onda Circular, a Latin American organization, was leading with Sercotec in Chile from April to August 2021. They offer a platform for capacity building of the employees of >60 business centers nationwide and facilitated workshops to understand circular behavior with more than 400 employees attending. Andreas Ellenberger was supporting this project, facilitating workshops where the Business Centers were developing an initial life cycle analysis and circular business model canvas for one of their local companies to understand the opportunities if they apply circular solutions.

Equipped with that knowledge they worked with the entrepreneurs, how integrating the circular economy approaches, communicating their solution and finding additional partners for collaboration can contribute to the development of the small companies. In videos they presented the cases and have their own guideline to train, consult and inspire further entrepreneurs in their community. And as Chile has developed a national Circular Economy roadmap, they can contribute to a broader implementation.

Do you want to have impact in companies in your region? Contact Andreas! We develop programs locally to support the change to a circular society. Do you need an inspirational workshop, want to develop a program on capacity building or develop local circular solutions? Our services include different ways forward.

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