Step-by-Step to Circular Business Models

Step-by-Step to Circular Business Models

Step-by-Step to Circular Business Models 1920 1280 Circonnact

A circular economy provides a broad range of economic, social and environmental opportunities. However, when it comes to making it a reality organizations and cities are confronted with challenges. How can circularity inspire and enable us to develop businesses and city ecosystems that thrive on all levels – economic, social and environmental?

One year ago, Andreas Ellenberger and Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch did the training for Circular Design and Innovation by the Circulab Academy and became the first certified Circulab Circular Economy Consultants in Austria. Since February this year we have joined forces with the German Circulab Consultants and work closely with Phoebe Blackburn to help companies, organisations and consultants understand the power of using tools like the Circular Canvas to develop their own way to circularity. Circular design and business modeling are effective and practical tools to develop sustainable, regenerative and innovative businesses, ecosystems, products, services and projects. In any way, the first step to a circular roadmap often is quite hard. 

Therefore, we provide a light start into the circular journey using the proven toolkit. In 2 hr interactive online sessions we demonstrate how a regenerative circular economy can look like and showcase it via realistic case studies. We work with the Circular Canvas by Circulab that allows us to understand existing flows and create new processes, products or experiences using the principles of circular economy. During these short workshops like-minded people come together and get a first feeling how to use the tools. 

This method can be applied to a broad range of sectors and types of organizations. We used it to support companies, entrepreneurs and research organizations in the fields of food, mobility, agriculture and building to deepen the knowledge about circular economy and develop future-proof processes and services. In our recent sessions we used prepared examples of SME´s looking into circular economy solutions with major socio-environmental impacts. Are you a SME looking into sustainable solutions? Please contact us by e-Mail to see if we can integrate you in an event. 

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