Regenerative Travel Experience at Green Festival

Regenerative Travel Experience at Green Festival

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Discover how to travel in a way that is good for people, economy and the environment! Regenerative travel promotes sustainability and goes beyond – it adds value and recreates people, communities, economy and nature.

Circonnact hosts a Regenerative Travel Experience at the European Biomimicry Conference Green Festival from 5 – 7 November 2021 organized by Biomimicry Granada, Esada, Utrecht University and Cobiom. The activity “Travel inspired by nature – Your personal regenerative travel experience” is developed by Circonnact’s innovation project Wandering Gliders created by Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch and team. 

We will discover regenerative travel and how it is good for people (including oneSelf), economy and the environment. The regenerative travel experience starts during an online workshop one week before the conference. We will learn about the regenerative travel principles (RTPs) developed by Wandering Gliders, the travel etiquette for regenerative travelers and how to make our journey at the Green Festival regenerative. There will be 7 regenerative travel challenges related to the RTPs. They will allow us to connect with nature and people – locals and co-travelers, deepen the knowledge about how to travel regeneratively and have an enriched personal experience that will advance all upcoming journeys. We will tackle them as preparation for the trip to the Green festival and at the conference during the in-person workshop. During the in-person workshop we will deepen our knowledge about regenerative travel and living, experience how we can travel that way already now, discover Granada in a different way, co-create solutions and the regenerative travel vision for 2055. Join us!

Register here for the online workshop and start your regenerative travel experience.

Register here for the Green Festival and enjoy a regenerative travel experience.

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