We bring regeneration and sustainability to life together

Regenerative Circularity promotes an urban way of life that is based on principles of a regenerative circular economy. It is a systemic approach to economic development that benefits people, environment and business. Currently, our world is only 8.6% circular causing negative consequences for people, environment and economy. We work with businesses, public bodies and communities to solve dysfunctional patterns and enable a good quality of life connected to nature and community.

Our principles to find solutions for Regenerative Circularity are:


For a healthy world we look to nature for inspiration: It is essential to optimize energy and think out the notion of waste. There is a continuous flow of resources in the system – what is waste for someone is valuable for another.


We look at systems with a circular perspective and mindset. We tackle social, economic and environmental challenges and co-create sustainable solutions.


Multiply local synergies. Investing in our own region allows us to see the impact and customize successful circular solutions to local needs. This way we contribute to make our community resilient and a great place to live.


We can only transform the mainly linear economy towards a circular one if we work together – locally and globally. We connect partners for new opportunities as well as we activate the company-internal capabilities to develop sustainable solutions.


We promote a value system that considers the positive and negative impacts of our activities. This means to look at true costs and benefits of production and consumption.

Our services


Your partner for prosperity through regenerative circularity.

We support you to innovate and develop projects, products & services, processes & systems through circular and regenerative methods and bring your organization and projects to the next level. Our three step approach combines circular, systemic and bio-inspired principles with strategy and innovation methods.

  1. Identify challenges and develop a shared diagnosis and theory of change.
  2. Develop regenerative actions with business and circular design-, nature-inspired innovation- & system thinking methods
  3. Implement ideas and help with business modeling, market roll-out strategies, stakeholder engagement, communication, project management, impact reporting.

Regenerative Design
& Innovation

Creating life-affirming organizations, regions & projects.

Develop your sustainable and circular projects, products and services and create positive impact for climate, people and business with accredited tools used by industry leaders.

  • Develop extraordinary value for people, environment and business
  • Become resilient, optimize resources and get loyal customers
  • Decrease waste and become climate-positive
  • Increase quality of co-work, team motivation and your network
  • Measure your impact and communicate it transparently
  • Certify your sustainable success
  • Interested in learning what does circularity mean in your context and engage your colleagues and business partners? During this team building workshop you will have the opportunity to visit examples of circularity pioneers that are relevant to you. Then you will explore circular solutions on how to increase team motivation, leverage mutually beneficial partnerships, become net-positive, improve operations, develop innovative business streams and more. We will use Circulab’s Circular Business Canvas and Partner Map.

  • A workshop for tourism suppliers and destinations to have a positive impact on society, environment and economy

    • Develop extraordinary value for customers, team and environment
    • Work with your team with enthusiasm and commitment
    • Attract customers who love and appreciate the place
    • Develop experiences, services and products that are alive
    • Develop resilience, new sources of income and save money through optimal use of resources
    • Become climate-positive and reduce your waste
    • Engage and communicate with your customers and key stakeholders
    • Become a change agent and lead authentically and with determination
    • Measure your impact and communicate it successfully
    • Get certified
  • A workshop for organizations and regions that have a positive impact on society, environment and economy.

    This workshop is for everyone who wants to develop sustainable, circular and regenerative solutions and create value for people, nature and business. Experience highly effective methods and apply them on your projects. During the this one-day workshop you will assess where you are on your regenerative journey and develop net-positive solutions for people, business and environment.

    • Discover your potential to become net-positive
    • Create climate-positive products, services and projects with eco-systemic design thinking
    • Develop future-proof business ideas with regenerative and circular design
    • Motivate customers, your colleagues and partners via win-win collaborations
  • A workshop to create value for people, environment and business.

    This hands-on workshop for everyone who wants to develop sustainable, circular and regenerative products, services and regions and flourish on all levels. Experience highly effective methods and apply them on your projects. You will get tools to bring your regenerative solutions to life and develop a roadmap for successful projects now and in future.

    • Make impact happen with regenerative leadership
    • Sustainability and regenerative index assessment
    • Create climate-positive products & services
    • Develop the roadmap to your circular project, product, service
    • Work together joyful, motivated and efficiently
    • Create more impact with win-win partnerships
    • Step-by-step guide to your certification to be climate-positive
  • Looking at nature’s ways that evolved for 3.8 billions of years we can develop sustainable and resilient solutions. For the transformation of global markets, businesses, cities and our life we need to combine new with proven concepts.

    In this workshop we will work on your challenges using bio-inspired innovation. This method combines biomimicry with tools such as agile and human-centered design, circular business modelling & value chain or gamification.

& Engagement

Activating a regenerative world.

We can create the highest impact by multiplying partnerships, a motivated team and a flourishing network. We support with stakeholder mapping and integration, internal and external communication strategies and concrete actions to engage people in regions, cities and companies by experiences via campaigns, events, field visits and workshops.


Bringing a circular and regenerative economy to life.

We develop and contribute to collaborative innovation projects to make a circular and regenerative economy a reality. In cooperation with actors along the value chain, we create circular solutions and support with bringing them to the market.

Our expertise includes:

  • Market strategy & roll-out
  • Circular design & Innovation
  • Communication & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Capacity building
  • Project & Change Management
  • Collaboration & Networking
  • Sustainable structures & processes

European innovation projects

Our experience in EU projects funded by H2020 and FP7, our interest in international collaboration and our ambition to bring innovative approaches closer to the market are key to be a valuable partner for research and innovation projects.

As partner, we support projects with project management, communication, dissemination and exploitation. We are part of the project from proposal stage, co-develop proposals and support with finding partners up to implementation.

& Capacity Building

Learning by knowledge and experience.

Our trainings are for everyone who wants to gain knowledge, create with accredited and innovative tools used by industry leaders and learn how to apply it to your projects and business.

  • Unleash your potential as leader for flourishing organizations, projects and life.

    This 2 day training is for everyone who wants to level up their life, create the world they want to live in and learn how to create more with less effort. You will learn about your role as a leader in times of change, how to create projects and organizations that are flourishing naturally and how to engage with people in the most fruitful ways.

    • Learn to lead regeneratively and connected to yourself having a positive impact on people, nature and economy
    • Clarity about your role as leader and how to tackle challenges and create the world you want to live in
    • Knowledge and tools how to create life-affirming, prosperous and impactful projects
    • Meet and develop your network with like-minded and hearted people from all over Europe

For companies, we develop training programs for your organisation based on your current status and needs.


We work with projects and companies in the following areas.

Circular & Green City

Tourism & Travel

Nature-based solutions & Built environment

Industry, Product & Service Design

Food & Biomass

Energy & Water


Circle17 Impacthon – Hackathon for circularity 1200 616 Circonnact

Circle17 Impacthon – Hackathon for circularity

Circular City Challenge 1080 810 Circonnact

Circular City Challenge

Training Business Centers to consult on Circular Economy 1200 956 Circonnact

Training Business Centers to consult on Circular Economy

Future-proof business strategies through circular economy 1920 1280 Circonnact

Future-proof business strategies through circular economy

Wandering Gliders – Travel inspired by Nature 1920 1280 Circonnact

Wandering Gliders – Travel inspired by Nature

Waste2Resource Marketplace Cyrkl 1920 1280 Circonnact

Waste2Resource Marketplace Cyrkl

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