Indigenous wisdom, Regenerative Tourism and the Amazon with Ramiro Vargas

Indigenous wisdom, Regenerative Tourism and the Amazon with Ramiro Vargas

Indigenous wisdom, Regenerative Tourism and the Amazon with Ramiro Vargas 1080 810 Circonnact

Author: Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch

How to live aligned with nature and create a regenerative economy that enables a good living standard and is nature-positive? This is the key question when developing a sustainable, circular and regenerative economy, businesses, technologies, cities and regions.

Indigenous people have tremendous knowledge and wisdom which is important to integrate in the course of developing a regenerative and sustainable living and economy. In this episode “Indigenous wisdom, the Amazon Forest and Regenerative tourism” on the Regenerative World podcast Ramiro Vargas from the Achuar people in the Ecuadorian Amazon shares about the indigenous way of living and the importance of regenerative tourism to protect the Amazon, indigenous people and the world’s ecosystems and climate.

“We are all interrelated.”, said Ramiro Vargas.

“The big mountains, forest, the river, animals, jaguar, eagle, condor and the humans are related. We respect each other and consider us as the guardians of the Amazon, the river, the animals.”, he elaborates. Indigenous people are the humans living closest to nature. They are keepers of ancient knowledge as their cultures that are rooted in nature are continuously developed without interruption. It is essential to listen to them and integrate their views when developing systems, economy, technology and life that is truly aligned with nature and creating positive impact rather than destroying. Therefore, I visited the Achuar people amongst other indigenous people with the Pachamama Alliance in February 2022 where I had the pleasure to meet Ramiro Vargas.

Regenerative tourism supporting indigenous people and the Amazon Forest

Ramiro is the leader of the Mana Achuar association, tourist guide at Kapawi ecolodge and father. Ramiro carries a lot of knowledge and wisdom and supports the community with commitment, strength and care so that he was nominated for being a candidate for presidency of the Achuar nation in 2022. In this episode he shares about the indigenous world view, their way of living and the importance of Kapawi ecolodge – the regenerative eco-tourism project of the Kapawi community of the Achuar people – for the locals, culture and the Amazon Forest.

“Kapawi is a conservation project to protect the Amazon Forest.” Ramiro Vargas

It supports indigenous people in the fight against deforestation and the invasion of oil and mining companies. It is a source of income, an argument for the government to not destruct the area and by that enables them to take care of the Amazon Forest. It is a way to educate, raise awareness and catalyze transformation of visitors who leave the place enriched and empowered to develop practices for a regenerative way of living around the world. This regenerative and eco-tourism project is a long-term project to support and protect indigenous cultures and the Amazon Forest – the lunge of the Earth – and by that the world.

Living connected to nature and people

How can we live connected to nature and people in the urban context? Whereas you find many elements of the answer in this interview, Ramiro shared specifically about the importance to appreciate the simple way of living. From his experience in the US compared with the lifestyle of indigenous people, he observed that there is a lot of competition in the urban world – even if not necessary. In the Amazon they live in a simple way and still have everything. So how can we live in a good balance between healthy competition and achievement and collaboration and peace?

Dive into the Regenerative World podcast episode to learn more: See here for more information and listen in on Apple, Spotify, Youtube and Google.

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