Embark on a journey around a regenerative world

Embark on a journey around a regenerative world

Embark on a journey around a regenerative world 1200 800 Circonnact

Author: Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch

A world where people, nature, and the economy thrive. 

We invite you on a journey around a regenerative world – a world where people live aligned with nature and flourish personally, socially and economically. On the monthly published blogcast (podcast and blog) Regenerative World, you will meet experts who live and lead in a regenerative and sustainable way connected to people and nature and create amazing projects that create value for people, nature and business.

Are you interested in reconnecting and getting inspired by stories, best practices and nature’s wisdom? Are you curious about how to create  projects, products and organizations that benefit people, nature and business? Then this blogcast is for you.

Currently, we are in the transition: We move from a linear, extractive and destructive model for people and nature, which is outdated and no longer working, to a sustainable, circular, and regenerative model. The regenerative model creates conditions conducive to life – which means creating a good quality of life for people and nature, enabling a healthy economy and systems. A regenerative model thrives on its own and creates more yields with less work. At the moment, it is in the course of creation and not yet established. In these times of change, we collectively and individually face stress on personal, environmental, social, and economic levels. In such a situation, there are two options: Either we do the same old thing and stay stuck or we choose to evolve and change for the better. Most likely, you are one of the people who are choosing to develop positively, since you are reading this. 

How can we create a regenerative world?

There are many obstacles in the transition from a destructive to a regenerative system and we can tackle these challenges together – actually, we can only create a regenerative world together. Therefore, Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch, Co-founder and Director of the regenerative and circular innovation lab Circonnact, decided to explore different ways to live connected to nature and people to lead life and work regeneratively. In 2022, she went on a journey through Latin America and started to develop this blogcast. There is a lot that we can learn from each other across continents as well as within a country. 

On Regenerative World, Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch talks to other international experts about regenerative development, design, tourism, leadership and economy. The journey starts with demonstrating stories and best practices in Latin America and goes around the world. Many amazing people are creating remarkable regenerative projects, organizations and products in various areas that are essential for regeneration such as science & art, business & wellbeing, technology & environment, bio-inspiration & circular economy, and innovation & ancient knowledge. They will share their experiences and wisdom on how to create small and big-scale regenerative solutions. The aim is to share inspiring people and initiatives in the field of regeneration. So that you can take what speaks to you to live connected to yourself, people, and nature and from this place, design projects, organizations, products and systems that create value for people, the environment and businesses. Together we can create a world that is beautiful now and for future generations. 

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In the first episode “Intro – A journey around a regenerative world”, Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch talks about the essence of regeneration and why she has developed the blogcast Regenerative World. It is about how we can live connected to nature, people and ourselves and integrate it well with the urban lifestyle. She shares insights into how we can develop real regenerative solutions with a positive impact on the environment, people, and the economy and how this blogcast contributes to that.

In the second episode “Regenerative food and living by permaculture with Javier Carrera”, Javier Carrera – permacultor, author, educator and activist for more than 20 years – talks about how to transform systems, develop regenerative food and the essence of permaculture. He shares his experience as Founder and Social Coordinator of the Seed Guardians Network – the network to connect families that protect agricultural diversity and promote regenerative lifestyles in Ecuador as well as other best practices such as the educational platform Madre semilla and Radio Semilla podcast. 

The upcoming episodes will be with Ramiro Uargas from the indigenous people Achuar in Ecuador and Kapawi Eco-lodge on “Indigenous people, regenerative tourism and conservation”, Dianne Dredge from Tourism CoLab on “Regenerative Tourism Design”, Luis Camargo from OpEPA on “Regenerative and nature-based education”, with Laura del Valle from Mar de Jade on “Regenerative Living in Community and Tourism”, and with Julio Rozo from Amazonia Emprende on “Reforestation and Restoration of Ecosystems”.

This blogcast is a good example of what can happen through co-creation with experts and partners from all around the world. During every conversation, we tap into individual and collective intelligence. The wonderful visual identity was designed by Manu Salviejo from Monestudio. The inspiring intro and outro to the podcast were composed by the musician Chopper Lin SoulWave Music. And Liliia Akatova supported the program development in the final phase of implementation fantastically.

We are looking forward to meeting you at various stops on the journey.

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