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Circular City Challenge

The Circular City Challenge is a project to connect city representatives looking for the implementation of circular solutions with innovative solution providers who already have at least an implementation concept for the challenges cities are facing. In 2022 it takes place for the first time. Circonnact teamed up as local coordinators for Vienna with the…

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Step-by-Step to Circular Business Models

A circular economy provides a broad range of economic, social and environmental opportunities. However, when it comes to making it a reality organizations and cities are confronted with challenges. How can circularity inspire and enable us to develop businesses and city ecosystems that thrive on all levels – economic, social and environmental? One year ago,…

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The Circular Vienna Community kickstarts

Circonnact hosts the Circular Vienna Community where people meet, exchange ideas and collaborate to promote circularity in Vienna and beyond. The workshops and events of the Circular Economy Club Vienna to promote Vienna as a Circular City and gather key stakeholders have been a great success in the recent years. Vanessa and Andreas have been…

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