Circular City Challenge

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The Circular City Challenge is a project to connect city representatives looking for the implementation of circular solutions with innovative solution providers who already have at least an implementation concept for the challenges cities are facing. In 2022 it takes place for the first time. Circonnact teamed up as local coordinators for Vienna with the organizers of Circular Berlin as well as Circular Munich and Materialkreislauf (for Stuttgart) to develop this project.

We identified local challenges together with local partners like the DoTank Circular City and WieNeu+ for city development, representatives from the 8th district (Bezirksvorstehung Josefstadt & Agenda Josefstadt), and project developers such as Zukunftshof and dieHauswirtschaft. Local promotion partners like Impact Hub, Vienna Business Agency, Circular Economy Forum Austria and Thinkubator helped to spread the word and activate their network to distribute the idea.

In a similar way all other coordinators brought in their network, with inspiring webinars supported by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circle Economy and the Circular Economy Chairman for Prague we gathered momentum and motivated more than 100 applications of solutions at least in the status of implementation concept. The local partner will choose their most appealing ideas and at the end of April we will have pitches of the chosen solutions.

One important factor is that we are not looking for “the best solution” because we think every applicant already is a winner. We will provide visibility to the solutions and organize an event in the center of Vienna at The Mall to showcase the variety of circular solutions. If you want to support us in further developing the project, please contact Andreas.

Training Business Centers to consult on Circular Economy

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Micro and small companies represent the majority of businesses in most of the countries, and drivers of innovation and development of the economy. So it is important for them to understand and integrate circular economy solutions into their business. But how to address this in the best way, given that they often lack time to look in depth into the opportunities? If employees in the Business Centers and Agencies supporting these small companies understand what Circular Economy means, that would ensure that they integrate this thinking into their approach when consulting the small enterprises.

This is a project which Onda Circular, a Latin American organization, was leading with Sercotec in Chile from April to August 2021. They offer a platform for capacity building of the employees of >60 business centers nationwide and facilitated workshops to understand circular behavior with more than 400 employees attending. Andreas Ellenberger was supporting this project, facilitating workshops where the Business Centers were developing an initial life cycle analysis and circular business model canvas for one of their local companies to understand the opportunities if they apply circular solutions.

Equipped with that knowledge they worked with the entrepreneurs, how integrating the circular economy approaches, communicating their solution and finding additional partners for collaboration can contribute to the development of the small companies. In videos they presented the cases and have their own guideline to train, consult and inspire further entrepreneurs in their community. And as Chile has developed a national Circular Economy roadmap, they can contribute to a broader implementation.

Do you want to have impact in companies in your region? Contact Andreas! We develop programs locally to support the change to a circular society. Do you need an inspirational workshop, want to develop a program on capacity building or develop local circular solutions? Our services include different ways forward.

Circular & Nature-inspired Travel

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Circonnact explores and develops solutions for circular and nature-inspired travel in the context of the Challenge “Circular and Nature-inspired Travel” at the European Biomimicry Design Challenge.

How can we travel in a circular and regenerative way that is low-carbon? At the beginning of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, Cironnact decided to look into nature to explore this topic further and develop solutions. Circonnact hosted the challenge “Circular and Nature-inspired Travel” at the European Biomimicry Design Challenge (EBDC) organized by COBIOM. From January to April 2021, a team of biomimicry, business, research and communication specialists went through a nature-inspired innovation process and developed the concept of a regenerative travel hub called Wandering Gliders. 

Wandering Gliders aims to inspire and empower people in the transition to a more regenerative travel. Wandering Gliders offers exciting and meaningful travel experiences to reconnect with nature, people and oneself and by that contribute positively to a flourishing environment and communities. As a platform for regenerative and nature-inspired travel, it connects travelers and travel providers, raises awareness, provides tools for impactful travel experiences and supports travel business to rebuild in a regenerative way with training, co-creating solutions and consulting. The project was successfully presented and received at the final symposium of the EBDC (see the final video presentation). The next steps are to finetune the concept and submit it for the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. Stay tuned!

For more information contact Vanessa Wabitsch via email vanessa (at)

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