Regenerative food and living by permaculture with JavierCarrera

Regenerative food and living by permaculture with JavierCarrera 1920 1277 Circonnact

How can we live regeneratively and develop living conditions where people, environment and economy flourish? Permaculture is a systemic design approach that includes principles regarding land& nature stewardship, building, tools &technology, education & culture, health & spiritual well-being, finances &economics, land tenure & community governance. Javier Carrera–permacultor, author, educator and activist for more than 20 years–shares with us about how to transform systems, develop regenerative food and the essence of permaculture. Javier started his journey recognizing desperation with the dysfunctional and unjust system and now is leading multiple initiatives. He is the Founder and SocialCoordinator of the Seeds Guardian network; editor in Chief of Allpa Magazine, Madre Semilla platform and Radio Semilla podcast; President of GrupoAllpa foundation; Research Director of the firstInventory of Food Heritage of Ecuador; Member, Global Alliance for the Future ofFood. Dive into the world of regeneration and permaculture and see what we can learn from it for our lives.

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