Circular City Challenge

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The Circular City Challenge is a project to connect city representatives looking for the implementation of circular solutions with innovative solution providers who already have at least an implementation concept for the challenges cities are facing. In 2022 it takes place for the first time. Circonnact teamed up as local coordinators for Vienna with the organizers of Circular Berlin as well as Circular Munich and Materialkreislauf (for Stuttgart) to develop this project.

We identified local challenges together with local partners like the DoTank Circular City and WieNeu+ for city development, representatives from the 8th district (Bezirksvorstehung Josefstadt & Agenda Josefstadt), and project developers such as Zukunftshof and dieHauswirtschaft. Local promotion partners like Impact Hub, Vienna Business Agency, Circular Economy Forum Austria and Thinkubator helped to spread the word and activate their network to distribute the idea.

In a similar way all other coordinators brought in their network, with inspiring webinars supported by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circle Economy and the Circular Economy Chairman for Prague we gathered momentum and motivated more than 100 applications of solutions at least in the status of implementation concept. The local partner will choose their most appealing ideas and at the end of April we will have pitches of the chosen solutions.

One important factor is that we are not looking for “the best solution” because we think every applicant already is a winner. We will provide visibility to the solutions and organize an event in the center of Vienna at The Mall to showcase the variety of circular solutions. If you want to support us in further developing the project, please contact Andreas.

Circular Solutions for Entrepreneurship

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On 10 November 2021 Circonnact has contributed to the 7th Entrepreneurship Summit Austria, hosted by the Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship, IFTE. Andreas Ellenberger and Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch have conducted the workshop “Circular Canvas for entrepreneurship” with teachers and students to integrate circular economy in their entrepreneurial practices in schools.

Circular solutions allow to use capacities and resources in an optimal way. We explored various solutions for IT systems in schools at the workshop. These IT solutions are simple changes in processes, yet have a big impact. We need some changes and adaptations in the system and courageous and enthusiastic people to implemented them.

In addition, Andreas presented with the Cradle to Cradle NGO how to apply this school of thought in entrepreneurship teaching, together with Prof. Günter Faltin who has started various initiatives to show how problems can be solved with entrepreneurial spirit.

Working with IFTE and supporting entrepreneurship education with circular thinking is crucial for us, as there is still a lack in seeing sustainability as a driver for innovation. We have already been supporting as mentor and expert during Youth Entrepreneurship Weeks when schoolkids work on solutions for problems in their environment and develop sustainable and business oriented ways forward. It is very enriching talking to young people with fresh ideas who learn to structure their offer and convince partners to support them. They learn to pitch their idea, and this is a skill they can use in other areas as well.

Circular Food in Vienna

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Interested in food that is good for people and the environment? Learn about circular food solutions in Vienna and contribute to the transition to circular food!

In the course of the Circular Cities Week 2021 of the Circular Economy Club, Circonnact organizes the circular field trip & workshop “Circular food: Regenerative and healthy nutritions in the city” on 28 October in Vienna. The language of the event will be German. Register today via this link!

Deutsche Beschreibung:

Interessiert an Ernährung, die gesund für Menschen und Umwelt ist? Lerne Circular Food Initiativen in Wien kennen und trage zur Realisierung bei!

Stell dir eine Stadt vor, in der es Lebensmittel gibt, die gesund sind, im Einklang mit der Umwelt produziert und so verteilt werden, dass alle satt werden und wenig übrig bleibt.

Im Rahmen der Circular Cities Week 2021 des Circular Economy Clubs organisiert Circonnact am 28. Oktober ab 15 Uhr die Circular Exkursion & Workshop “Circular Food: Kreislauffähige und gesunde Ernährung in der Stadt”.

Wie wird die Stadt Wien kreislauffähiger? Seit 3 Jahren bringt der Circular Economy Club Vienna im Rahmen der Circular Cities Week Menschen vor Ort dazu zusammen.Im Workshop dieses Jahr liegt unser Fokus auf dem Nahrungsmittelsystem (Food System). Gesunde Ernährung, Förderung regionaler Herstellung und Reduktion von Verschwendung sind 3 Themen, die uns aus zirkulärer Sicht betreffen. Doch es gibt noch mehr Ansätze:

Woher kommen Lebensmittel in einer zirkulären Stadt? Welche Verbindung hat gesunde Ernährung mit kreislauffähiger Nahrung? Welche Sharing-Konzepte braucht es im Lebensmittelbereich? Welche Rolle kann die Gastronomie spielen? Wie reduzieren wir die derzeit noch verschwendeten Lebensmittel in der Stadt? Können wir diese vermeiden, oder Reste und Abfallprodukte anders nutzen?

Das sind Fragen, für die zirkuläre Ansätze eine Lösung bieten, und in Wien gibt es bereits viele Akteure, die an den drängenden Herausforderungen arbeiten. Wir bringen diese zusammen und entwickeln gemeinsam Ideen, wie die Lösungen bekannter werden. Was braucht es von Seiten der öffentlichen Hand, von Unternehmen und Organisationen, von den BürgerInnen?

Auf Basis von Impulsen werden wir uns zu den Themen austauschen, um die Umsetzung von nachhaltigen und kreislauffähigen Lösungen zu beschleunigen. Als Impulsgeber und Mitentwickler dabei sind:

  • Andreas Gugumuck, Zukunftshof, dem Living Lab für Circular Food-Lösungen
  • Helene Pattermann, Alchemia-Nova, die im Projekt DIRECT-HUBS ein Konzept für ein nachhaltiges, kreislauffähiges Nahrungsmittelsystem in Städten erstellen
  • Daniel Schlögl, Ernährungsrat Wien stellt das Projekt „Wien is(s)t anders“ vor und gibt einen Einblick in IG FoodCoops und Regionalwert AG
  • Vanessa Baum vom Food-Atlas Wien, die einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz zu Lebensmitteln und Stadt erforschen

Mehr Informationen und Registrierung findest du hier. Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Regenerative Travel Experience at Green Festival

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Discover how to travel in a way that is good for people, economy and the environment! Regenerative travel promotes sustainability and goes beyond – it adds value and recreates people, communities, economy and nature.

Circonnact hosts a Regenerative Travel Experience at the European Biomimicry Conference Green Festival from 5 – 7 November 2021 organized by Biomimicry Granada, Esada, Utrecht University and Cobiom. The activity “Travel inspired by nature – Your personal regenerative travel experience” is developed by Circonnact’s innovation project Wandering Gliders created by Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch and team. 

We will discover regenerative travel and how it is good for people (including oneSelf), economy and the environment. The regenerative travel experience starts during an online workshop one week before the conference. We will learn about the regenerative travel principles (RTPs) developed by Wandering Gliders, the travel etiquette for regenerative travelers and how to make our journey at the Green Festival regenerative. There will be 7 regenerative travel challenges related to the RTPs. They will allow us to connect with nature and people – locals and co-travelers, deepen the knowledge about how to travel regeneratively and have an enriched personal experience that will advance all upcoming journeys. We will tackle them as preparation for the trip to the Green festival and at the conference during the in-person workshop. During the in-person workshop we will deepen our knowledge about regenerative travel and living, experience how we can travel that way already now, discover Granada in a different way, co-create solutions and the regenerative travel vision for 2055. Join us!

Register here for the online workshop and start your regenerative travel experience.

Register here for the Green Festival and enjoy a regenerative travel experience.

For more information contact vanessa(at)

Co-design workshop: How to travel regeneratively?

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Traveling is natural. How can we travel in a way that is good for people, economy and environment?

During this “Co-design workshop: How to travel regeneratively” on 21 September organized by Circonnact, sustainability and travel enthusiasts and experts will learn about the regenerative travel principles and solutions developed by the nature-inspired innovation project Wandering Gliders. Furthermore all participants will bring together regenerative travel solutions for the Wandering Gliders tool “Regenerative Travel Guide” that will empower travelers around the world to have more joyful and meaningful travel experiences.

What is Wandering Gliders? Wandering Gliders is a project by Circonnact with the aim to inspire, connect and empower people in the transition to a more regenerative travel. A team of experts from various sectors develops a regenerative travel hub to raise awareness, co-create experiences & tools to travel inspired by nature.


  • Welcome & introduction to the Wandering Gliders Project
  • Regenerative Travel Experience in South Africa with The Lionheart Experience
  • Q&A
  • Co-Design session with all participants
  • Future Outlook

Sounds interesting? Register today and secure your place for this interactive co-design workshop (places are limited)!

For further information please contact Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch via vanessa(at) .

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